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Basic Motorcycle Riding Course is definitely worth it. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn proper riding and not to forget getting a waiver for motorcycle after successful completion.

Before I went to Jones driver education school I had never driven anything before, I am 17 and I took the Motorcycle safety program, I was extremely satisfied with the customer service and the coaches/instructors of the course, Mr. Dennison is a great instructor and Mr. Jones was great as well I had an amazing time taking the course it was fun and informative, if you have a teenager that has never driven before or you just want to take the course to learn about things you might not already know I would highly recommend the JDE courses, I had such a great time I will be going back to take the car driving course and get a regular drivers license for a car as well HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

sent all three of my boys here it was great coarse every one should do.

I have been driving for two years now and I can say that Jones Driver Education is one of the best things I have done for my driving. I participated in the 30-6 Instruction Certificate Program during the summer two years ago. Although I was not extremely enthusiastic about sitting through the classes, I can say with confidence that what I learned has made me a safer, better driver. I began with little idea of how to work a car and I left with knowledge, notes, and 6 hours of driving experience. Each drive, the instructor would explain what I did well and what I need to work on. Each instructor was able to point out more than my parents or others could and because of that I still remember to this day very important skills I was taught- skills that have helped me remain accident free. Jones Driver Education has never once made driving into a joke. They are strict about safety and maintaining all the rules of the road. I highly recommend!

PLEASE DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE BAD REVIEWS! I was reading the other reviews and I was a little skeptical of taking my daughter to this place (considering that she has never driven a day in her life). I am so glad that we took her there! This was the best student driving experience for her and I. Mr. Jones gave me tips himself on how I (the super nervous dad) can practice driving effectively with my daughter. THANK YOU MR. JONES my daughter's confidence is through the roof!

Was extremely satisfied with the service received here! Instructors were EXACTLY what the younger generation needs; they were patient and did not pull out any stops with my girls! My 2 daughters took this course at the same time and learned some things here that they apparently "didn't know". Thanks again for the superior service! My girls are now both legal drivers & I couldn't be happier! The roads can be scary and it's very important that our younger generation be well informed; they get that from me daily, but it also helped to hear it from someone other than "Mommy" b/c "we" don't know what "we're" talking about! :-)
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