2nd & Charles

2834 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30909, USA
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+1 706-481-9090

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Love this spot. They carry a great selection of books, media, and collectibles. The layout has changed a couple of times over the years to improve customer experience and access. Great store

I love this used book store. I'm a reader in a family of readers and this place lets us indulge ourselves with many more books than I could afford without it. I absolutely love telling my young children to browse and pick out the books they want to read without having to make them put anything back because it's too expensive. They pick four or five books that they want to read and just put them in the cart. Another great thing about this place is that they arrange the series books together. When one of the children got hooked on Lemony Snicket I was able to buy all 14 books on the same day without having to get a second job.

I had been passing this place for months. I finally decided to go in after my principal sent out an email saying they were running a teacher appreciation week special. So it is officially now my place to get free books and take a trip down memory lane with its LPs. I drug my husband in one day and we found a good copy of The Chicago Bears "Super Bowl Shuffle" for only $7.50!

The staff are always nice friendly and attentive. I never get rude customer service. Staff are also very knowledgeable about their ENTIRE store which is amazing. The strong itself is always clean and neatly organized. This is one of my most favorite stores and I love it! Highly recommend.

Brilliant option for cheap, high-quality books. Perfect for school-required reading with their extensive section of secondhand classics. Get them all for free when you turn in your own books for store credit (or a meager amount of cash, generally 1/3 or 1/4 the amount)

Excellent place, I buy a lot of DVD and Blue Ray's. This place has a great selection and even a clearance section too. They also have Books, Comic Books, toys, collector toys shirts Records and CD's. They even have video games from the 90's! Definitely check this place out.

Love this place! I also love how friendly all the employees are. Every time I go, I meet people who spark up a conversation and you don't get that everywhere.

Had a good time here. They offer reasonable sale and exchange prices. There is a good selection of books, games, music and other items. They also have a large table full of legos at reasonable prices. I'm very satisfied. The store appears to be clean enough, parking is very readily available, and there is a lot to do nearby if you are waiting for exchange materials to be evaluated.
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